I suck at promotion! Best of Ohio anthology has been released, well, for a while now.

I'm a little late to my own party here, but I wanted to let everyone know (who doesn't already) that my short story "Chrysalis" is featured in Columbus Creative Cooperative's Best of Ohio Short Stories Vol. 1.

I am honored to be featured alongside so many talented writers. Best of Ohio has a little something for everyone--it's a unique anthology that covers a wide spectrum of genres and topics, all penned by Ohio authors.

One of my co-authors, Lin Rice, did a great interview series with some of the book's contributors. He asked how I would describe "Chrysalis" to a new reader, which turned out to be a really good brain exercise. How do you describe short fiction without making your description longer than the piece itself? Neil Gaiman said short stories are tiny windows into other worlds--do you talk about the window or the world? Both are equally interesting. I rambled a bit, as by nature I must, but if my head had been screwed on straight a single sentence would've sufficed. "Chrysalis" is a story about transformation. And Cheetos. Mostly Cheetos.

You can read the full interview on Lin's blog.

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  1. Ack, I don't know why this didn't come up on my blog feed! Love the interview, love the story! I bought a copy for my Dad that you must sign!!! You are amazing. The end.